I am in software development business since 2001, entrepreneur since 1999, and I started my 1st official software company in 2004. Know, I am the CEO of MOVE-IT, a software company with head quarter in USA and software development office in Cairo, Egypt… a branch office in Riyadh, KSA, and many representation offices in Arab countries.

I believe that one of my key skills is how to choose my team. We used to be an early adapter in technologies. We designed our first cloud app in 2008, even before the azure platform!

I used to plan for product roadmaps, prepare business plans, financial plans, prepare offers, tenders, marketing studies, competitor’s analysis, etc. I used to play the user experience role to get customer feedback on our products and projects and to be in the first line with customers. I used also to have the ownership of government accounts and big accounts and manage organisation’s public relations. I used to sell myself.

I know exactly what it means by being an entrepreneur. I know how to start with no money in your pocket and convince people with your idea. I know what it takes to grow. I know what it takes to start over if you failed, and you will fail definitely several times :). I have a lot of business stories to say, a lot of fails and also some good success.

I have made a lot of pitching presentations to raise funds, the first one was few months after I finished my college degree in 2001, and the fund was exactly 10,000 EGP which is almost 1500$ at that time, looks funny right :).  I once worked as a driver, and a chef just to survive in some of my bad days ever in USA, NewJersey. A lot of stories to say and a lot of experiences to share.

My business experiences are also overseas. I did business in USA, Canada, France, Germany, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Oman and many others.  I have practised and studied business management, marketing, and financing. My key potential points are working on business plans, building business models, building partnerships and critical thinking.

I have supported and mentored a lot of graduation projects, which won local and international competitions. I have been honoured by Injaz as a business mentor.

I used to be a speaker in many start-ups events.

I have a bachelor degree in telecommunication engineering and I have practised a wide range of Management and technical experiences such as Accounting, financial planning, financial analysis, Human resource operations, sales management and sales planning, SW testing, Agile development, Scrum management, Business analysis, product ownership, cloud sales models, workflow and business process management. Recently, focused on product management, and strategic planning.

Many times, I was a speaker in entrepreneurship events and made lectures to computer science students showing case studies and practical use of different SDLC methodologies inside a software house.

I used to mentor start-ups. Many of them succeeded to get seed funding. I work closely with them in developing business plans, cash flow plans, valuation, and pitching presentations. I used to work closely with software and technology geeks. working closely with technology start-ups is my passion.

 I am currently working on two startup ideas:

MOHR: it is a cloud-based HR system. We believe that MOHR is the 1st multi-tenant cloud based HR application with Arabic user interfaces. MOHR is planned to be a small and medium enterprises business gateway.

TESTICIDE: is a cloud-based test automation platform.

My key skills are:
Business plans and financial plans
Company valuation
Building business models and partnerships
Content strategy and E-marketing Consultant.

Co-Founder and author of MOVE-IT academy channel on YouTube
Board chairman and Business development at MOVE-IT

Contact me:
mailHesham at moveitgate dot com

I welcome LinkedIn connections, please review my LinkedIn profile here

you can also find me on social media

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