Development for Cloud

If you going to develop an application for a large number of users, then you are highly recommended to built it over cloud. And hence you need to develop your application in a multi-tenant format, so your application can better utilize the cloud resources.

This course is given with two languages, English and Arabic.

1- Your First step into cloud


Introduction to cloud computing 4
SaaS business model 4
SaaS Technologies and principles 8

(16 hours)
This course is suitable for developers, IT professionals, and even business men or company owners who want to know and have a good understanding of  cloud business.

No pre-requisite is needed.

2- Architecture of SaaS applications

1419319853_sitemapThis course is for expert people in software development (software geeks, architects, team leaders and senior developers) (16 hours).

3- Introduction to JavaScript

8 hours course.
No pre-requisite.

4- Jquery

8 hours course.
Pre-requisite: Course#3, Introduction to JavaScript.

5- Single page application

single page app

SPA Architecture 4
Introduction to WebAPI and RESTFull web-service 8
Jquery using Ajax to interact with WebAPI 8

(20 hours)
Pre-requisite: Course#4, Jquery

6- Angular JS

angular js

Introduction to JavaScript frameworks 4
Angular JS and MV* Patterns 4
SPA using angular js 16

7- Design Patterns

arcitecture – Repository Pattern
– Inversion of Control
– Dependency Injection
– Unit of Work

(16 Hours).
Pre-requisites: Good knowledge of development using C# and

8-Introduction to windows azure

windows azure

– Create windows azure application.
– Windows Azure Deployment model.
– Windows Azure selling model.

(16 Hours)
Pre-requisites: Good knowledge of development using C# and

9- Introduction to Azure data management and storage

sql azure

– Introduction to SQL azure.
– Introduction to DocumentDB
– Introduction to Azure other storage models for files, tables, and queues

This course is suitable also for IT specialists who plan for being azure admins.

(24 Hours)
Pre-requisites: Just programming background

10- SaaS applications on windows azure

saas app

Multi-tenant and Single tenant applications 8
Multi-tenant and SQL federation 4

(12 hours)
Course#8: Introduction to windows azure.
Course#9: Introduction to SQL azure.

11- Windows Azure advanced topics

advanced – Cache Management
– Access Control Layer and Federations
– Hosting web-services on Windows Azure

(16 hours)
Pre-requisites: Course#8: Introduction to windows azure.

cloud course

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