Start-up support

As an Entrepreneur for more than 14 years, since i get my Bachelor degree in engineering. I know exactly what it means by being an entrepreneur. I know how to start with zero money in your pocket and convince people with your idea. I know what it takes to grow. I know what it takes to start over if you failed. I have a lot of business stories to say, a lot of fails and also some good success.

I have made a lot of pitching presentations to raise funds, the first one was few months after my graduation, and the fund was exactly 10,000 EGP which is almost 1500$  🙂 . A lot of stories to say and a lot of experiences to share.

My business experience is overseas. I did business in USA, Canada, France, Germany, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Oman and many others. I have practiced and studied business management , marketing, and financing. My key potential points are working on business plans and critical thinking.

I have supported and mentored a lot of graduation projects, which won local and international competitions. I have been honored by Injaz as a business mentor.

I used to be a speaker in many start-ups events.

The most thing i love to do, is to meet with start-ups, and technology geeks and to work together on an idea. If you are one of them i will be happy to know you. I have great business ideas to discuss, and i would like to listen to yours.

Please connect with me on my LinkedIn profile, Like my Facebook page, add me in google+, follow my Twitter and Pinterest account, and subscribe to my company YouTube page.



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