Test Automation

This track can be given with either C# and ASP.net MVC or with Node JS.

Course Topics…

Introduction to test automation

  1. What is Test Automation?
  2. Why we need test automation?
  3. Difference between manual testing and test automation
  4. Can we ride off manual testing?
  5. Difference between code test and UI test
  6. Test first vs Test last
  7. What is Unit Testing
  8. What is TDD
  9. What is ATDD
  10. Regression test
  11. Integration and system test

Unite Testing in-depth overview

  1. Unit testing basic
  2. Unit testing as Test last methodology
  3. What is the red green cycle
  4. Different types of assertions
  5. MS testing framework
  6. NUnit
  7. What is mocking?
  8. Why we need mocking?
  9. Applied example

Test Driven Development TDD overview

  1. TDD as a test first methodology
  2. Difference between TDD and Unit testing
  3. TDD concepts
  4. Red Green blue cycle
  5. Working Example

MVC framework overview

  1. What is MVC?
  2. Why MVC?
  3. MVC and test automation
  4. Applied example with unit testing
  5. Applied example with TDD

Acceptance Test Driven Development

A life example that describes ATDD

  1. What is ATDD
  2. Gherkin language
  3. Cucumber and Gherkin
  4. Red Yellow Green and blue Cycle
  5. Steps dictionary
  6. ATDD for code testing
  7. ATDD and MVC framework

UI Test Automation

  1. UI Test automation with Selenium
  2. Selenium WebDriver API
  3. ATDD for UI test automation with WebDriver API

* All courses can be given online or at site.

* All courses are configurable based on customer needs. We usually perform an assessment and interview with the customer to deliver the course in a way that insure maximum ROI for his business.

* Have a question or interested, leave your data.


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