Over 14 years of experience in the SW industry for me and my top management team, we have practiced all the technical and management skills needed to run a software business. We have consulted and trained companies and teams in many countries around the world.

As a team of professional consultants, we usually make a survey and assessment -before we go for any consulting of training programs- for the team on their knowledge and backgrounds, and then configure the training programs to best fit their needs and strategic objectives of the company they work for.

Currently and since late 2012 we provide the following professional and unique training tracks:

Development for Cloud…

1419241261_Database-Cloud-128In this track you will learn how to develop software programs over Windows azure and SQL azure environment using .net tools. You should be aware of .net development environment (, and C#) before you start this track. This diploma has two formats. A fast track of 220 study hours, and extended track of 440 study hours.

Test automation…

1419241432_CycleIn this track you will learn how to run your software development life cycle SDLC backward. You learn how to test before you code. A new concept in managing the software development life cycle. A real need in today’s environment. where applications become huge, and complexity increases. You need to finish your tests very fast to be able to publish your application and start get your money back. Although, you need to maintain your software quality at a high level to survive in the competition. ATDD or sometime referred to Behavior Driven Development BDD is a perfect solution for this case

Software Start-up…

1419241366_start-here-gnome-blueSoftware development is not only about coding, software development incorporates many other technical, business and human activities. Most start-ups start their business just because they think they have a good idea and they -simply- can code. They did not practice software engineering skills, they didn’t manage teams, they didn’t practice any marketing or sales, they know nothing about financing and building business plan. In this course we just open doors, extend you mind, show you the areas you need to develop in yourself and in your business.


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