Exploring Factors Determine success of Small ICT Enterprises in Egypt


For more than two months, I was working closely with my friend Dr.Ahmed Hussien on a thesis with the same title “Exploring Factors Determine success of Small ICT Enterprises in Egypt”.  If you are a follower of my blog, you may notice my passion of entrepreneurship and startup. I am very close to many startup communities worldwide (USA, EGYPT, KSA, Qatar, …. And more)

Chapter five in the study is the most important one. It includes results and recommendations. Recommendations included advises for Egyptian entrepreneurs, government, ITIDA, and the Egyptian startup eco-system. In addition, the end of chapter 4 includes full picture summary about each factor results, analysis, discussion and recommendations

The study has been done on several stages that included a review for startup community in many countries, interviews with startup owners, and experts from the eco-system.

In the few coming weeks, I will discuss each result separately on my blog. These discussions will be a base for future focused studies. We will depend on people comments and interactions as a base for these future studies, so please follow my blog to be able to see future studies and to interact with it

Download the study1426700201_folder_download


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