The Legal Needs of American Families

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A report Titled “the legal needs of American families” was published recently this month by LegalShield. i tried my best to sum up the report. You can access the report here.

First of all, LegalShield could be the largest attorneys network in north America serving more than 1.4 million families across USA and Canada. Established in 1972.

The study shows that about 57 million Americans experienced at least one significant legal event in the past 12 months, but only 60% of them sought out the services of a lawyer to help them !.
More than 66% of respondents said that they had to take at least one day off from work in the past year in order to deal with a legal issue.

The study also shows that the top 25 legal issues identified are:

 Top 25 legal issues identified
  • Automobile accident
  • Execution of a contract
  • Secured a home mortgage/ refinanced home
  • Divorce
  • Speeding ticket or traffic violation
  • Prepared a will
  • Marriage
  • Leased an apartment or home
  • Set up a trust
  • Became executor of parents’ estate
  • Was subpoenaed
  • Vehicle damaged while parked  on street
  • Sold faulty merchandise
  • Identity Theft
  • Inherited property
  • Filed bankruptcy
  • Friend who owes you money  files for bankruptcy
  • Injured someone accidentally
  • Leased a vehicle
  • Challenged a will
  • Creditor taking legal action
  • Adoption of a child
  • Property was damaged while  in storage
  • Dog bit someone
  • A tenant sued you

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The lawyer is generally a problem

  • 93% of respondents believe lawyers charge too much.
  • Respondents paid an average hourly rate of 284$. 25% of respondents paid more than 400$ per hour.
  • 72% believe that lawyers are difficult to reach by phone.
  • Americans have a difficult time finding a qualified lawyer to help them, 67% reported that they didn’t know a lawyer to call prior to needing one, the remainder said they found an attorney by online search or from a yellow pages
10 critical issues faced without an attorney
  • IRS audit
  • Divorce
  • Automobile accident
  • Spouse died without a will
  • Arrested or detained by police
  • Adoption of a child
  • DWI or DUI
  • Identity theft
  • Bought or refinanced home
  • Unjustified property repossession

Despite of facing legal issues on a regular basis, but few of Americans where proactive in taking steps to get legal protection. as mentioned above, the reasons were about the cost, the difficulties in reaching a lawyer in a proper time.

But more than 60% of respondents said that they are willing to buy a legal protection plan if it is presented as an insurance through small payments. the percentage exceeded 70% when the employer offers to cover 50/50 of the legal protection plan.

70% of respondents with a legal benefit plan said, they use the service more than 3 times per year

Worry Less, Live more

Legalshield removes the barriers of cost, confusion, and trust in accessing a legal help we need. Legalshield empowers its member by giving them uncomplicated and affordable access to the legal assistance they need to protect themselves and their families.

for less than 20$ per month (less than 60 cent per day), you get access to a network of specialized attorneys that covers most of your periodical legal needs.

Legalshiled now provides its service for more than 1.4 million families across north America, and more than 34000 companies.

to Protect yourself and your family through a Legalshield legal protection plan, you can enroll online and have your legal benefit within few minutes

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