Have you ever been in these situations !!!.


Have you ever been in these situations … Been treated unfairly, Tried to return a defective product, Received a traffic ticket, Been audited by IRS, Been overcharged for a repair, lost a 20$ shirt in a dry cleaner, Lost a security deposit, Signed a contract, Purchase a home, Prepared a will.

all of us face such a kind of situations at least 3 to 5 times, may be more every year. In some cases we need to hire a lawyer, in other cases, it does not worth. Because the lawyers’ rate would be higher than the money we may return from the situation !.

In a previous article i have talked about the legal needs of American families.

If you want to change your mobile operator, you would probably do about 10 to 20 phone calls to finish that, and mostly they will go with you in a long argument till you lost mind and decide to back off your decision. Imagine having a lawyer who would talk to them and send them a letter. You would probably finish that in two days and with only one phone call.

Imagine having a speeding ticket, you will pay the fine, got some points, may have a suspension, and definitely your insurance will increase. If you have a lawyer, he would dismiss your points, and hence protect you from the insurance increase.

Many times we have arguments with insurance companies about coverage. If you have a lawyer, they will not debate with you anymore.

we all -many times- need to have some legal muscle, we all need to act like rich people, we all need to have a lawyer on demand, just to pick up the phone and get consulted bout any thing or get some muscle. …

Imagine having a lawyer for you and your family, that would give you the following services for a FLAT MONTHLY FEE. this way no matter how you use the service, you will pay only the monthly fee.

  • Unlimited telephone consultation
  • Write letters and make phone calls of your behalf to help produce results in certain situations
  • Before you sign anything, the lawyer will review it first and give you his comments
  • Prepare your last will and testament for you and your spouse. it probably charges 500$ to 1000$
  • Have access to the lawyer 24/7 in the event of an emergency such as being arrested or detained

Think about having a specialized attorney for each case you face who would give you the above mentioned services. how much you think it costs?! please leave your answer in the comments.

what if i told you that it is only 50 cent per day or 20$ per month. LegalShield provides you a legal insurance service, most of us have never heard about legal insurance. Think about the Return of investment ROI. How much you going to spend to have your will, how much you going to spend on insurance if you always get tickets. how much you face some annoying situation and you wish to have some muscle to deal with it in the right way. How much you going to spend per year to cover all those issues, and much you going to spend on yearly legal plans. It is not even the cost of  a one hour consultation of an attorney !!!. … Think about it and decide.

Check out LegalShield Legal plan services…



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