The Cash flow template…

download the excel template

Many visitors who visited my 3 parts article that talks about how to make a financial plan that rocks, and also those who red the article about “how to valuate your startup company” asked me for the template i used…

here is a link for the template, enjoy …

Cash flow planing and valuation template based on DCF

this template is well explained in the four blogs below

How to Rock your start-up project Financial plan – Part.1 (Build the template)

How to Rock your start-up project Financial plan – Part.2 (Make different scenarios)

How to Rock your start-up project Financial plan – Part.3. (Financial decision criterion)

How much your Software startup company worth

the first three blogs show how to plan your cash flow, the fourth shows you how to calculate the discount rate…

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Thank you all



3 thoughts on “The Cash flow template…

  1. Thanks for the cashflow template. Pls I need you to explain the monthly point computations and sales. Thanks in anticipation.


    • thanks Habeeblah for your feedback
      the monthly points is not related to template, its related to my business.
      i sell software over cloud, and the Product is priced based on features and number of users. so the product has a lot of varieties. So we made the target based on points, and each point equal to 10$.
      if you did not get it, never mind about it. replace it with your sales forecast.


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